Open the Tesla with a hand movement – thanks to the chip under the skin

A man just puts his right hand on the B-pillar of the Tesla and the door opens. A chip under the skin makes it possible.

Brandon Dalaly drives a Tesla. However, he does not open his car with a chip card or smartphone, with which all other Tesla owners open their vehicles and with which we also opened our test vehicles Model 3 and Model Y, but he holds his hand to the contact sensor on the B -Pillar of the Tesla. Because Dalaly had a chip planted under his skin to unlock and lock his car.

The Vivokey Apex Flex chip (7.5mm x 28mm) is in the right hand.

Dalay posted a video on Twitter,
showing inserting the chip under the skin and unlocking the Tesla.

Dalay says his smartphone’s Bluetooth function doesn’t always reliably open the Tesla, so he opted for the chip under the skin. The technology enthusiast paid $400 for the Vivokey Apex NFC chip, including installation. A professional piercer did the insertion.

Dalaly is also taking part in a beta test. A total of around 100 people are to use the chip placed under the skin to test how different devices can be controlled with it; it’s not just about opening and closing Tesla vehicles. You can wirelessly install Java applets from Vivokey on the chip and use them to perform different functions. One of these mini-programs from Vivokey is a Tesla key card, and Dalaly installed it on his freshly installed chip.

Already the second NFC chip

But Dalay already has another chip in his left hand. With that he opens his front door. His business card and medical information are also on the chip in his left hand. This chip can be scanned with a smartphone. During the scanning process, a small green LED lights up under the skin on the chip. But credit card payments and the storage of cryptocurrency should also be possible, as Dailymail writes.

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