Open Vld chairman Egbert Lachaert excludes collaboration with Vlaams Belang

Egbert Lachaert, who is the new chairman of Open Vld, excludes that his party will reign with Vlaams Belang in the future. According to him, the differences are too great both ethically and socio-economically between the two parties.

The chairmanship election of Open Vld finally had a winner last week. After earlier postponement due to the corona crisis and then computer problems when voting, Egbert Lachaert was surprisingly convincing as the winner. He defeated Bart Tommelein, Els Ampe and Stefaan Nuytten and succeeds Gwendolyn Rutten as party chairman.

Federal government formation

To increase his brand awareness in Wallonia, he is currently conducting a series of interviews with French-speaking media. That also brought him to the news channel LN24. There he spoke, among other things, about federal government formation and with which parties he wants to cooperate in the future.

“I don’t see how we could manage with Vlaams Belang in terms of content. That party is very far from us, both ethically and socio-economically. I don’t see what topics we could talk about, ”Lachaert is quoted by Belga.

With N-VA?

Speaking about a federal government with N-VA, the Open VLD chairman said that a good recovery plan is the primary concern of his party and that it goes hand in hand with the largest possible federal majority. In this way, Lachaert already seems to reach out to the N-VA, the largest party in Flanders.

The division of powers between the federal government and the regions may cause problems in this regard. Lachaert has repeatedly stated that for him an efficient government is paramount. In doing so, he does not exclude re-federalization of matters such as healthcare. For the Open Vld’er, other powers such as the labor market have to go completely to the regions. Bart De Wever recently announced that he understands why certain matters should become federal again.

Conversation with Rousseau and Magnette

After his interview round with the Walloon media, the real political work for Egbert Lachaert starts very soon. Then he will sit together with the socialist party leaders Conner Rousseau (sp.a) and Paul Magnette (PS).

They are in fact working on an information round with the ten parties that have so far granted powers of attorney to the Wilmès government: sp.a, PS, CD&V, cdH, Groen, Ecolo, Open Vld, MR, N-VA and DéFI. The aim is to come to a text in which they mainly focus on possible shifts in the parties compared to the period before the corona crisis. That text should serve as a basis for negotiating the formation of a new federal government.


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