Operator of game webshop Steam has to give sales figures to Apple

“Don’t worry, you’re not alone, Apple has peppered the world with subpoenas,” the judge said, according to Law 360 in his judgment. Valve now has to hand over historical sales data for some 436 games on its platform Steam to Apple.

The judge did, however, restrict Apple’s requirements: instead of five years of sales data, Valve only has to provide about three years of information.

Apple wants to use the data to show that its App Store does not have a monopoly position in the game sales market.

Legal battle for commission

Epic Games and Apple have been engaged in a legal battle since last year over the 30 percent commission that Apple levies on all app purchases in the App Store. Epic, the creator of hit game Fortnite, claims Apple is abusing its position of power to make money off the backs of app makers.

Apple previously also requested such sales data from Samsung, its largest competitor in the smartphone market.


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