Oppo Find X2 Pro review: surprisingly good!

Oppo has surprisingly brought a real 5G flagship smartphone to Europe with the Find X2 Pro, and the device does just as surprisingly well in the test.

Oppo had been seriously surprised with a new Android smartphone in early 2020. An almost completely uncompromising Find X2 Pro comes to Europe at the classic flagship price. A few days later we also had a test copy in our hands. We have not tested many devices recently, because the advances compared to last year’s smartphones are generally small and differences from the competition are usually too. Oppo is particularly interesting for us because the manufacturer only wants to attack in Germany now. Uncompromising, data sheet and price reveal.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor
  • 512 GB UFS 3.0 memory, 12 GB RAM LPDDR5 RAM
  • 6.7 ″ QHD + display, 120 Hz, Gorillas Glass 6, HDR10 +
  • 48 MP main camera (OIS, F / 1.7) + ultra wide-angle (Pro: 48 MP) + zoom (Pro: OIS)
  • NFC, Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi ax, 5G, fingerprint sensor
  • 4200/4260 mAh battery, 65W quick charge, USB-C 3.1
  • Dual stereo speakers, IP68 (Pro)
  • 164.9 x 74.5 x 8.0 – 8.8 mm, 187 – 207 g
  • Android operating system with Google apps

What else could you wish for? Some colleagues hear that wireless charging could have been there. Is a point, after all, the Find X2 Pro only costs from € 999 and is on the level of Samsung and Huawei.

Pure performance, great display, quick loading

The built-in OLED display with 120 Hz refresh rate is not only impressive on the data sheet. In everyday life, it convinces with the highest quality, paired with the existing system performance, the Find X2 Pro searches for equal opponents. So far, the fastest Android smartphones are from OnePlus, the sister company does not seem to be able to keep up here quite by accident. Everything reacts immediately, is displayed extremely quickly and smoothly. I am perfectly happy. The display still has to be said that it convinces even on very bright days. The only thing that bothers me personally is the rounded, elongated sides, of which I no longer become a fan.

I would have liked to compare benchmarks with the OnePlus 8 Pro, but was not yet possible at the time of writing.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Test Display

And because Oppo attaches so much importance to speed, the included power adapter is a pure pleasure. With up to 65 watts, fresh electricity pumps into the Find X2 Pro, other manufacturers are miles away from it. Of course, this is only useful if you have to recharge the smartphone battery more frequently in everyday life. In my case at least, this is rather rare, because the battery has a lot of endurance to offer. I’m not a gamer, I use a lot of browsers, messengers and news apps, but the battery offers enough endurance for up to two longer days.

Camera surprises with good photos

Where is the catch now that comparable China smartphones always bring with them? At least not with the camera, which I was particularly surprised by. Hence the title of the article, the Find X2 Pro is surprisingly good and also leaves nothing to be desired with the camera. No matter whether during the day, at dusk or in the dark, the photos of the Find X2 Pro always cut a good to very good figure. In any case, not really much worse than established competitors.

Strengths are in the zoom, which is up to 10x optical. Everything else is useless, however, the 30x zoom is eyewash and not a real feature. But you don’t need it in everyday life anyway. As with comparable devices, the optical zoom starts really high, everything under 5x is digitally solved. With up to 10x optical zoom, the camera can get very far away objects with a lot of detail.

Find X2 Pro Zoom

Oppo Find X2 test camera example

Of course, 10x zoom is impressive. But I rarely use it. I need 2x – 3x more often in everyday life, but the quality is much worse. The camera zooms up to 4.9x via crop (software), and the existing periscope camera only turns on from 5x. Therefore, you can see blatant differences even between the two zoom levels mentioned, as in the following comparison:

Find X2 Pro Optical Vs Digital Zoom

Left 4.9x digital zoom, right 5x optical zoom.

Last but not least, there is the night mode, which Oppo also offers for its own smartphones. The night mode does not produce anything until there is no light source at all. Black stays black. In our storage room, however, even an extremely low light source was sufficient to create a photo that even reads text. The following example shows a long shot in the late evening with ambient light from street lamps:

Oppo Find X2 test camera example

At dusk, the zoom still works very well and convinces with many visible details.

Oppo Find X2 test camera example

Oppo Find X2 test camera example

When it is really dark, a yellow light predominates through the lanterns. You can still see a lot of details, but Oppo does not yet match the quality of a Google Pixel or Huawei P. Any zoom in night mode at night is futile, I don’t want to show you these photos at all.

Oppo Find X2 test camera example

Oppo Find X2 test camera example

The 32 MP front camera is just as sensible, the portrait mode, which was solved by the software, gave good pictures.

Processing without defects, software with additives

Like the other hardware components, the outer shell leaves little room for criticism. Only the protruding main camera ensures that the Find X2 Pro wobbles extremely heavily on the table. It bothers me because I use smartphones lying on my desk every now and then. Otherwise, the build quality is of a high level, only the general design of the Find X2 Pro is incredibly boring and does not offer any directly visible differences to the competitors’ smartphones.

Oppo Find X2 Pro test back

All in all, a good production and high-quality feel, the back of the glass is slightly slippery and keeps all fingerprints. A slight pattern, wavy on the back, can even be felt with the finger.

Find X2 Pro waves back

Oppo Find X2 Pro test side profile

Oppo shows a little more creativity with the software, the OnePlus sister equips the Android operating system with various adjustments, screen gestures and its own apps. I find everything still okay or at least not annoying. Even gives a cool feature like an app cloner, for example, to be able to use several WhatsApp accounts on one device. A simple swipe gesture brings us to the split screen faster and the intelligent sidebar offers brisk access to frequently used apps.

Find X2 Pro sidebar

Oppo offers a pretty brisk face unlock for unlocking and the fingerprint sensor integrated in the display is usually accurate and brisk on the go. All three built-in buttons on the case frame are good and offer reasonable pressure points. Finally, there is the sound that is output through two speakers. A little more bums in the sense of depth would have been good for the dual speakers, otherwise I was impressed by the sound and manageable volume.

Conclusion: an alternative to Huawei and Co?

Not only does the Oppo Find X2 Pro come close to the P30 series from Huawei, the new flagship smartphone is also technically at the highest level of the Android world. Oppo immediately offers German customers a successful alternative to the established smartphone brands Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, etc.

A conclusion to this smartphone is already drawn in the title of the article, the Find X2 Pro is surprisingly good and absolutely recommendable.

Due to the performance data and 5G, the Oppo smartphone is also a good long-term investment, although the price development is still an exciting but as yet unknown factor. Maybe we can get the flagship significantly cheaper after a few months?


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