Opportunity? Ikea apartment in Tokyo for 0.77 euros per month

Ikea is known for making the most of the available space with their items. And they also show that with the apartment that the Swedish furniture store is offering for rent in the Japanese capital.

Of course it’s a marketing stunt, otherwise the price wouldn’t be 99 yen per month, but it’s still nice to see what the apartment looks like.

everything small

The ten square meter apartment is crammed with products from Ikea itself. And a second floor has been created, where you can sleep. It still looks nice too.

Furthermore, you have just about everything in the apartment, but it is small: a sitting area, a wardrobe, a desk (which you can fold out into a dining table) and a kitchenette. It also fits a washing machine. There is also, not unimportantly, a shower and a toilet and these are not included in the ten square meters.

Roll up your bed in the morning

For the Dutch this seems like a very small apartment. But the Japanese often live very small. For example, the average home in Tokyo is 66 square meters and apartments are often even smaller, Reuters news agency reported last year.

To save space, Japanese people often sleep on futons, which they fold up in the morning to create space in their space that is a living room, bedroom, plus kitchen in one.

4 by 2.5 meters

That is necessary too. Of the 6.8 million households in the Japanese capital, more than 1.4 million (or 20 percent) have less than 20 square meters of living space. That is without counting the shower and toilet area.

In all of Japan, a total of 5.7 million houses are smaller than 20 square meters. Tokyo even has about 76,000 homes that are only 9.8 square meters in size. That is, for example, 4 meters by 2.5 meters, or 3 by 3.33 meters.

with two

Believe it or not, there are 1900 of these where two Japanese live together. Okay, that too is without the shower and toilet, but it still works.

Ikea promotes the apartment with a shark called Blahaj. But a little shark barely fits in the apartment.

Pay your own energy bill

By the way, Ikea only has one apartment for rent in Tokyo. Interested renters must be at least 20 years old. They must respond before December 3, and then they can rent the apartment until January 15, 2023. The tenant must pay the energy bill himself.

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