Opposition criticizes the chaos of numbers and is against school closings

Meinl-Reisinger and Rendi-Wagner speak out firmly against a school closure. The Neos boss considers this to be the “very, very last way” if the health system threatens to overturn due to the number of corona infections. “The end of class at school for compulsory school children is not the start of class at home, it is the end of class and the end of education and social contact that are so important.”

SPÖ: School closure “opposite of accuracy and effectiveness”

School closings would be “the opposite of accuracy and effectiveness” because there is no data base for them, argued Rendi-Wagner. Both AGES and international studies and experience would show that school children up to the age of 14 do not play an important role in the spread of the virus. The child infection rate has even fallen, stressed Hammerschmid. However, school closings would cause health, psychological and educational damage to the children.

School closings for FPÖ “not an option”

The Freedom Party are also against closing the school. “For us this is not an option, the schools have to stay open,” says FPÖ education spokesman Hermann Brückl. The upper grades, whose lessons have been switched to distance learning for almost two weeks, would have to be brought back into the classrooms. In order to be able to keep the schools open despite the pandemic, Brückl relies not only on compliance with hygiene measures and distance rules, but also on class divisions, a division into morning and afternoon classes, flexible start and end times of lessons, the use of Plexiglas panes and rapid tests. He called for a long-term strategy from the government that the virus would not go away.


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