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Oprah interview feels like liberation for Harry and Meghan

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry feel liberated now that everyone knows their story. That Janina Gavankar, a good friend of Meghan know today in the British television program This Morning. “Now we can focus again on their charity work,” said the actress.

On the night from Sunday to Monday, Oprah Winfrey’s high-profile conversation with Meghan Markle and the British Prince Harry was broadcast. In it they opened a book about, among other things, life within the doors of the British royal family.

Problems Meghan

Gavankar said he watched the interview special on TV together with Harry and Meghan on Sunday. She had known about Meghan’s mental problems for a long time because of their friendship. So were the family and palace workers, according to Gavankar. “I don’t know exactly who, but I know they knew. Meghan also clearly stated in the interview what she thought of that. ”

Gavankar is also relieved that Meghan has finally been able to break her silence. She emphasizes that the Duchess of Sussex is friendly, strong and open and certainly not a bully, as the palace staff previously claimed.

Recognition of racism allegations

In the interview, Harry and Meghan, who recently resigned from official duties under the British royal family, made allegations of racism, neglect and quarreling within the royal family and court.

After Buckingham Palace’s statement yesterday, in which the palace acknowledged Meghan’s racism allegations, Gavankar felt two things: “On the one hand, I am glad that there is recognition but on the other, I am sure that the family and staff were already aware of it. They may not remember it all, but we do. There are many e-mails and text messages that support that. ” According to Gavankar, the truth will eventually come out.

The British Queen Elizabeth stated in the statement that she took seriously allegations of racism in the royal family. She says these are “of concern.” While there may be disagreement on some memories, “they are taken very seriously and will be discussed privately by the family.”

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Oprah interview feels like liberation for Harry and Meghan


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