“Orange the New Black” actress Laverne Cox is a victim of transphobic violence

The American actress Laverne Cox, who we know of course as Sophia from Orange is the New Black shared a candid video on Instagram. In it she tells about how she, together with a friend, became the victim of transphobic violence.

Laverne Cox is a trans woman. She has never hidden that under chairs or couches and speaks about it proudly. But this time, she shares a more difficult story with her fans.

Coronaproof walk

In a live video on Instagram, Laverne shared her story of how she and a friend fell victim to transphobic violence. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been live and this is a strange reason to go live, but I have to share this. Something happened that left me in shock and triggered. ”

“I just went for a walk with a friend social distance and we wore our mouth masks. We went to Griffith Park here in Los Angeles, where I had never been before. ” She says that she wore a hood in addition to her mouth mask during the walk, to be as incognito as possible. It was a pleasant walk, until they suddenly passed a man.


“The man asked us very aggressively what time it was. When people approach me on the street, I usually ignore them. I think that’s the New Yorker in me. So as I walk on, my friend checks his watch and tells me what time it is. Then the man asks, “Man or woman?”. To which my friend replies: “F * ck off“And start walking.” Then the man attacked Laverne’s friend. At that moment, Laverne took her cell phone to call 911, but when the man realized that, he quickly left.

“It all happened so quickly. The man asked what time it was and suddenly he is beating my friend. ” Laverne goes on to explain how this is not the first time she has experienced something like this. “My boyfriend, who knows a lot of transgender people, said he had never experienced this before. But I do. I have seen many incidents of street violence. Most of the time it’s verbal, which is why I find it so difficult to understand that it got physical so quickly. It was so strange. ” She insists that she and her boyfriend are safe and that her boyfriend was not injured in the fight.

“The world is not safe”

“As I was discussing the incident with my friend, we realized that he probably meant for me to answer so that he could hear whether I was male or female. But why should that matter? Why should it matter if I am male or female? Why does this concern you? The only reason this guy was looking for trouble was because I’m a transgender person in public. That’s all.”

And unfortunately this is the reality for many transgender people. “I know this, this is nothing new to me. This is my life. But it remains shocking. This has happened so many times now. I’ve been transgender all my life, I’ve been bullied and attacked all my life. But why do you have to be so aggressive? The world is not safe. I don’t want to think about that much, but it’s the truth. It is not safe for transgender people. I know this well enough. It’s really, really sad. We were just walking through the park. ”

“Not your fault”

“It is not good to live in fear. But I’ve always been careful, even before the pandemic, about where I’m going and what I’m doing. I am always extra aware because I already have a history with these kinds of things. It doesn’t matter if you’re Laverne Cox, whatever that means. If you are trans, you will experience such things. ” The incident also catapulted Laverne right back to her childhood. “I suddenly felt like that eleven-year-old being chased again or the thirty-year-old being kicked in the street. But it is now 2020, I am home and I am safe. Everything is okay, I shouldn’t go back to those earlier moments in my life when I was less safe. ”

Laverne was reluctant to make her story public. She feared that it would trigger her followers who are struggling with the same. But she still thought it was important to make one thing clear to her fans. “I wanted to share this with you to show that when something like this happens, it is not your fault. There are people in this world who do not accept you. It was not my fault or my friend’s fault that this happened. We have the right to walk in the park. So if you experience something like this, know that it is not your fault. Be safe and careful. I love you.”


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