Ordinary Saturday crowds in shops on the first day of reopening

The household store chain also notices that customers are especially happy that they can shop again. “It’s different in a store than online,” says the Blokker spokeswoman. “You can look around and come across items that you also need.” This additional sale is also important for Blokker. “Yes, we have to talk about that too.”

Pleasantly busy, not unsafe

The crowds were not too bad at Action. “With one customer per 5 square meters, we can handle a normal customer flow,” says a spokesperson for the budget chain. “And it was there today.” A spokesperson for perfumery chain ICI Paris XL also talks about ‘normal Saturday crowds’. “It is pleasantly busy, but without it becoming unsafe”, he saw himself during a visit to the city center of Haarlem. “Maybe the drizzly weather also contributes to the fact that it hasn’t become too busy.”

In Roermond it was already fairly busy in the city in the morning. The outlet center was not too busy. The Designer Outlet Center had expected a large influx from Germany, but it did not materialize. Often the N280 from the German border is so full that traffic jams arise, but this was not the case.

Based on the center managers of a number of large cities, the INretail industry association does not talk about crowds, but does report that it is pleasant in many cities. “Shops and consumers adhere well to the rules,” an INretail spokesperson reported. “We can finally go back to a more normal life, that’s what the Netherlands was ready for.”

Posters in Utrecht

Yet the old life is not back yet. “Important sectors such as catering and culture have yet to follow, which give extra atmosphere to the store visit.” In Utrecht, the center is full of posters in which shopkeepers and the catering industry together call for the opening of the catering industry, INretail further reports.

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