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Organizers hopeful after ‘historic’ dance party Ziggo Dome

MOJO and ID&T, the organizers of the first Back To Live event, are hopeful. Yesterday’s dance party in the Ziggo Dome was, according to them, “a historic moment”. “Hopefully this is the key to being able to open again,” says Rosanne Janmaat, COO of ID&T.

No fewer than 1300 people attended the dance party in the Ziggo Dome. The performances were provided by, among others, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Sam Feldt, Lucas & Steve and Lady Bee.

Summer full of events

Organizer MOJO is also optimistic and hopeful. “We can now show that we can organize events in a very safe way,” says CEO Ruben Brouwer. “We learn a lot from these trial events, but it is even more important that we continue immediately.”

According to Brouwer, the trial events that are organized are a first step towards a summer full of events. “Otherwise I would be disappointed. We really need that dot on the horizon. ” The CEO of MOJO speaks not only for himself, but for the entire industry, including the public. “There were 100,000 people in the queue. Such popularity is evidence of an enormous need. ”

Janmaat, COO of ID&T agrees. “I really had goosebumps when I arrived at the Ziggo Dome. There was a queue and people almost had tears in their eyes, because they were finally allowed again. ”

Dancing visitors of a dance event in Ziggo Dome. Photo:

Rules not adhered to

The dance party in the Ziggo Dome was one of the test events of Fieldlab Events. The lead researcher, Andreas Voss, already indicated in conversation with that he was very curious about the data. “This is the event we have been waiting for. I expect this to have the most contact and movement moments. It is very important how these data will turn out. ”

The 1300 visitors to the event were divided into different bubbles. There were five groups of 250 men and a group of 50 men. Different rules applied per group regarding whether or not to wear mouth masks and whether or not to move freely. “This distribution can give us a lot of insight, because there are so many variations and movements. After all, it is a dance party. ”

Voss is not surprised that the rules are not fully complied with. For example, some visitors did not stay on the dot they were assigned. “That’s no surprise, people always prefer to stand together. We see that again now. ”

‘Chosen ones’ go wild during a trial event in Ziggo Dome

Use of drugs

Voss is not concerned about the use of resources during the dance party. “The idea is to keep the conditions as normal as possible. There is no facility to investigate whether people are taking anything other than alcohol, ”he says, referring to the use of drugs. “It may be part of the culture, but we want to see how it actually works. Then we have a good test. ”

On Sunday André Hazes will perform in front of a large audience for the first time in months in the Ziggo Dome. Cabaret performer Peter Pannekoek is a ‘special guest’ during the event and the support act is blues and soul singer Phil Bee and folk singer Sophie Street. Next weekend there will be two trial festivals on the Lowlands site in Biddinghuizen. Previously, it was tested at a theater performance by Guido Weijers, a conference and football matches.

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Organizers hopeful after ‘historic’ dance party Ziggo Dome


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