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Oscar nominees receive two tonne goodie bag | Stars

The luxury bags are not for everyone, however, only the nominees in the categories best actor, actress, director, supporting actor and female supporting actor receive a goodbag from entertainment company Distinctive Assets. This includes a four-day stay in a luxury spa, a three-day overnight stay in a lighthouse on a Swedish island, private lessons from a well-known personal trainer and a cosmetic procedure.

However, the other nominees are also not short of anything. As with many award shows, the Oscars also have rooms where expensive gifts are distributed.

Until 2007, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts distributed the goodie bags themselves. The organization behind the Oscars stopped doing so due to problems with the tax authorities. Distinctive Assets has been responsible for filling the bags for nineteen years. Companies are happy to donate gifts because a visit from a big star brings them a lot of fame.


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