Osram Night Breaker LED: LED lamp for retrofitting

LED headlights have established themselves in modern cars. No wonder, they have around two thirds lower power consumption, a long service life and light up well. the Retrofitting in older cars though so far laborious and expensive. But there is a simpler solution for many cars: For some time now there have been LED lamps on the market that can legally be installed in the existing halogen headlights. The first on the market was the Osram Night Breaker LED. There is now competition with the Philips H7-LED.

Osram Night Breaker LED

Night Breaker LED
  • Legal LED retrofitting
  • High light output compared to H7 halogen lamps
  • Approved for many cars

price € 106.00

Legal LED lamp for H7 headlights

Osram has one for combining the headlights in question with the lamp general type approval achieved, comparable to special wheels, spoilers, etc. This ensures that the lamp fits into the headlight, the cover on the back can be closed and the headlight range control continues to work. This also ensures that the lighting requirements are met, i.e. enough light comes onto the street and still nobody is dazzled – unlike with numerous illegal import LED lamps. The Osram LED lamp complies with the limits of a halogen H7 and delivers a luminous flux of 1500 lumens. The light color is with 6000 Kelvin but close to daylight, what the visibility of Traffic signs and road markings improved.

LED headlights Osram Night Breaker LED

The Night Breaker LED is of course expensive compared to a set of good halogen lamps, which means that the service life is also longer.

The price remains: just over 100 euros. This is of course expensive compared to a set of good halogen lamps. However, Osram also specifies the service life of the Night Breaker LED at around 2500 hours, which is around ten times as long as a halogen H7. The bottom line is that the retrofit LED even becomes an energy-saving lamp.

For which cars is the LED light approved?

In order to legally install the LED retrofit lights, approval for the exact vehicle type is required. At the time of market launch, the Osram lamps were only approved for 20 types of car, but the list has now been extended significantly. Meanwhile stand even some RVs on the registration list from Osram. If you want to know exactly whether you can install the Osram Night Breaker LED in your car, you can take a look at the approval list here.

This is how the installation works

The Night Breaker LED only replaces H7 lamps and is only permitted for the vehicles in the table above. The installation works like a halogen lamp, for some models, however, an adapter is required for attachment as well as one for the lamp failure check. Information at – there you can also download the general type approval that must be carried in the vehicle. And in the packaging there are two stickers for the headlights as a reference to the workshop.

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