Other neighboring countries are better at dealing with the crisis than Germany

Hundreds of thousands of Germans and Austrians live in the other country, the economic integration is tight. It is only logical that Austria in the course of the corona loosening, the border beams are closed first Germany lets go up. A particularly advantageous development of the corona case numbers in Germany it can’t be. There are other neighbors in this regard Austria better there.

Not until this week did the news cause unrest, according to which the R0 value in Germany has climbed over the magic threshold of 1.0. The corona virus appeared to be spreading again in the largest EU member country, but yesterday Tuesday Robert Koch Institute all clear again. A value of 0.94 means that ten infected people infect between nine and ten people with the coronavirus.

It should rather be less than that with over 170,000 confirmed infections Germany already in Europe only from the Corona problem countries Spain, Italy and France outstripped. With two Corona cases per 1,000 inhabitants Germany in front Austria (1.8 cases). While the four neighboring countries to the east Czech Republic (0.8), Slovakia (0.3), Hungary (0.3) and Slovenia (0.7) all have an infection of less than one per thousand of the resident population Italy (3,7), the Switzerland (3.5) and Liechtenstein (2.2) above the Austrian values.


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