Ottomobile reproduces the Peugeot e-Legend electric concept in 1/18 scale

Based in Morbihan, this specialist in resin scale models signs his first electric model with this concept of the Lion.

Recognized for the quality of its 1/18 reproductionse, and also more recently at 1/12e, the maker has long had to implement a club system that allows the faithful to reserve their favorite achievements before they run out. Each numbered copy is part of a limited number series.

The Peugeot e-Legend concept, a real refresh of the 504 coupe designed by Pininfarina at the end of the 1960s, was offered in this context in July 2020 against 59.90 euros. Reservations are now closed and the fastest should receive their order soon.

The excess, if any, would be available in the online catalog shortly. Otherwise, the usual merchant sites (LeBonCoin or eBay for example) should soon have a few copies of the reduced model, but at a price necessarily higher.

No opening or removable part on the Peugeot e-Legend at 1 / 18th, as on all Ottomobile models, or almost, due to the material used: resin. But an exemplary finish that inevitably makes you want to place the miniature not very far from the computer, just to take a look at it regularly.

Author’s opinion

This electric first gives rise to hope: that Ottomobile will be the manufacturer of scale models that allow the collection of cars with traction batteries and / or hydrogen cells.

When will a Tesla Model 3, a Polestar 2, a Porsche Taycan, a Toyota Mirai, etc. from this manufacturer? Oh yes, I forgot, the famous history of rights and permissions!

Regardless, the manufacturer already works regularly with brands that now offer one or more electric cars in their catalog. It should therefore be possible for him to miniaturize a Renault Zoé, a Peugeot VLV or a Citroën AMI.

As this question torments me, I therefore asked Ottomobile yesterday for an interview on this subject. I hope a positive response will follow.

To motivate him to embark on this path, do not hesitate to indicate in comment the EV (s) that you would like to find at 1/18.


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