our ambassadors under the spell of the New Citroën ë-C4

Set off to test the ë-C4, the new 100% electric sedan from Citroën for a month, Audrey and Olivier, our two ambassadors, give us their first impressions after a first week spent at the wheel. The first conclusive “electric” steps.

Since the keys were handed over in the Paris region, Audrey and Olivier have taken possession of their Citroën ë-C4 a few days ago. Audrey returned to the Lyon region by immediately attacking by more than 500 km of motorway while Olivier joined Seine-et-Marne. A department that he travels all day long to provide home care for his patients as a private nurse. We have collected their first impressions for you.

Audrey, 40, fundraiser, Champagne-au-Mont-d’Or (69)

“It was with a little apprehension that I returned to my hotel in the evening in Paris, where I had planned to do a first recharge in a car park before my departure the next morning for Lyon. No luck, of the eight terminals in this car park, only one was available and it was not working! Fortunately, thanks to the caretaker, I was able to charge 100% on a household outlet.

The next day, direction Lyon with a detour through Bourg-en-Bresse to pick up my children that I had left with their grandparents. On the highway, I discovered a car that was extremely quiet and very pleasant to drive. However, I had to lower my cruising speed from 130 km / h to 120 km / h and sometimes even to 110 km / h to manage consumption, higher than expected due to the -2 degrees of outside temperature. On the whole trip, I had to recharge the battery four times instead of the planned three. Everything went well: the fast terminals were always available on the motorway rest areas and I recovered 80% of autonomy after only thirty minutes of waiting. The trip was therefore longer than expected, but ultimately less tiring than usual.

Overall, I find the ë-C4 to be a really very zen car and very relaxing to drive long distances. It is also very pleasant in the city with its very responsive engine which allows it to fit into the flow of traffic with great ease. On board, I appreciate its good quality materials, the comfort of its seats and the feeling of space both in the front and in the back where the children are very well seated. They too take advantage of the silence to play and chat calmly. They also love to step forward to take advantage of the massage seats. “

Olivier, 44 years old, private nurse, Bernay-Vilbert (77)

“What surprised me the most aboard the ë-C4 when I got home was how quiet it was in operation. So much so that when I stopped at red lights, I wondered if his engine was running! The next morning, I resumed my tours. By respecting my usual way of driving, I saw the range melt away due to the freezing outside temperature. I then quickly selected the “Eco” mode and the “B” function forcing the regeneration of the battery to preserve autonomy. Despite this, after driving 80 km, it was only 70 km for half a day. During my 2h30 lunch break, I then recharged on the 7 kW terminal in my village and recovered 90% of the charge. Enough to end my day without worry!

Otherwise, I got used to this easy to handle ë-C4 very well. I appreciate its finish and the quality of its materials, even if the atmosphere on board is a little dark to my taste, not as original in any case as the exterior line which my patients consider very futuristic. On a daily basis, I appreciate its numerous and very well thought-out storage spaces, as well as its trunk which opens effortlessly. This is important to me because I access it many times a day to pick up my medical equipment. Thanks to its comfort and in particular that of the seats, I do not feel any fatigue or back pain at the end of the day. Only small criticism: I sometimes do a little gymnastics to get out of the car because of my big feet which stumble against the fairly high side sill, especially with the long doors that have to be opened wide. A matter of habit. “

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