Our country wants the British to work on digital export certificates (instead of paper): “Fear of delays”

Since Brexit, exports of goods from the EU to the United Kingdom have been regulated through the Border Operating Model from the British government. When goods go to the UK, they must be checked by the FASFC (Federal Food Agency). If this control is favorable, the FASFC can issue the necessary export certificates so that the goods can go to the United Kingdom without any problems.

But due to Brexit and the expiry of a transition period, the British government will require paper export certificates for all animal products, high-risk foods of non-animal origin, plants and plant products from April 1. This rollback to paper can cause a lot of delay. That is also what Wim Gantois of the export company ESC2XL says, which transports 7,000 pallets to the United Kingdom every day. A complete transition to paper, he said, would “catapult the company back to 1995 situations.”

The FASFC already works fully digitally, which is why the Belgian Minister of Agriculture David Clarinval (MR) is already urging an agreement with the United Kingdom to allow exports to run digitally from 1 April. Whether the delay really will come depends on whether the British want to conclude an agreement with the European Union again before 1 April.


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