Out of nickel, Tesla could massively switch to LFP batteries

A single tweet from the boss of Palo Alto is enough to fuel many rumors. The latter would like Tesla to make more use of LFP batteries.

The discussion started with an extrapolation of the distribution of sales of Tesla Model 3 in the USA. What Elon musk opposed a production limit obliging You’re here to make their own cells. The boss spoke of difficulty getting enough nickel.

It didn’t take more! Since then, some believe that LFP batteries will generalize among You’re here. For example by being adopted on the copies of Model 3 SR + made in the USA. Or by being installed on long battery life versions. And why not on other models, such as You’re here Model S or Model X ?

Following this discussion, a few followers even asked direct questions on the subject. No answers fromElon musk at the time of production of this article.

Yet the boss didn’t say anything very new. He stayed in the straight line of the Battery Day Tesla last September. A technology based on iron and lithium had already been mentioned for the Tesla Model 3.

A specialist in LFP batteries, CATL is already in the loop. The cell manufacturer supplies lithium iron phosphate models that do not contain cobalt or nickel. They have been incorporated into Tesla Model 3 SR + assembled in China.

Main advantage of LFP technology: the price. But these batteries have a lower energy density than conventional lithium-ion. This is why they should not be embarked anytime soon in You’re here with greater autonomy. Even if this technology benefits from interesting progress.

Author’s opinion

Upon discovering that the media imagined the LFP batteries in other You’re here, we have been surprised. The Tesla Model 3 SR + is the perfect model to receive them. Regardless of the issues that have been reported by users.

That LFP cells find their place in copies made in the United States: Why not? It’s a possibility. But the tweet ofElon musk does not suggest anything on the subject.

The boss likes to make noise around the brand. He is therefore most often the initiator of the tweet. He then gives one or a few leads. This is not the case in the message where it only corrects a misinterpretation of numbers. There is not a bean in each piece of pancake!


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