Out of stock until the end of 2021, the success of the Mokka-e exceeds Opel

The Opel Mokka-e is a victim of its success in Europe, but the German brand also seems to be a victim of the success of its new electric SUV, since some customers are reporting canceled orders, and the out of stock already seems to be over. extend until the end of 2021.

At the beginning of December, just two months after the launch of its vehicle supposed to mark a clear change of direction for the manufacturer, Opel had confirmed that the Mokka-e was out of stock, with an unavailability announced until September 2021 at the European scale.

But it seems that this success has far exceeded initial estimates from Opel, which is likely to find itself overwhelmed by demand. This is much more important than what was expected in December, and the rupture would concern the whole of 2021. According to the German site Handelsblatt, which obtained letters from customers of the brand, orders would have even been canceled.

Also according to Handelsblatt, Opel would be ready to make an important commercial gesture towards its customers by offering big reductions on the Corsa-e to overcome the wait bordering on a full year, but they had precisely waited for the arrival of the Mokka-e to order, and would not be satisfied with this alternative.

Of course, as complicated as it may be for Opel in terms of management, it is however very good news for the brand of the PSA group, since it seems already certain that the cousin of the DS 3 Crossback will be there. one of the best sellers of recent years for the German firm.


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