Outlook: Distribution accelerates the sending of mail to groups

If you regularly send e-mails to the same group of people, it is worthwhile to set up a contact group for these addresses.

So you don’t have to put the recipients back together for every message. To do this, call up your contact database in Outlook via “People” and click on “New Contact Group” in the ribbon. In the following window, enter the name of the group in the “Name” field, for example “hiking vacation” or “regulars’ table”. Click on “Add members” at the top of the ribbon and choose whether you want to add them from “Outlook contacts” or create new names and addresses using “New email contact”.

In the first case, select the desired contacts one after the other and click on “Members” to accept them. In the second case, enter the name of the person and below this their email address. Leave the “E-Mail type” in the default setting. For “Internet format” it is best to set “Send as plain text” so that the message can be read easily even by recipients without Outlook. Please note that in this case you cannot embed pictures in the mail, but can only send them as attachments.

With “Add to contacts” you ensure that Outlook automatically transfers the contact data to its database. If you do not want this, delete the checkmark set in the default setting. Finally, confirm the new member of your contact group with “OK”. Repeat the process until the group is completely assembled. Then don’t forget to save the new contact group with “Save & Close”. Your contact group now appears as a new entry in the contact list. To send a message to their members, select the group and click on “Email” in the ribbon.


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