Over 1000 HP in the M5 Hurricane RR from Infinitas!

Over 1000 hp in the M5 Hurricane RR!

The M5 Hurricane is a real Veyron killer: the all-wheel drive limo makes over 1000 hp! With this tuner Infinitas wants to break the speed record for limousines.

DThe name “Hurricane” is at the top of the food chain in the BMW M world. It stands for insanely motorized M5 from tuner G-Power. The 800 hp Hurricane RR based on the M5 E60 set the speed record for sedans at 372.1 km / h. Under the new company name “Infinitas”, the tuners are now adding and presenting the Hurricane 2. The aim is to pulverize the existing record!

The Hurricane RR remains optically subtle

Over 1000 hp in the M5 Hurricane RR!

Except for the foiling, rims and some carbon parts, the look corresponds to the series.

In the series, the 4.4-liter Bi-Turbo V8 of the M5 delivers 600 hp and 750 Nm of torque. The targeted performance values ​​of the Hurricane 2 make these key data sound almost cute: According to Infinitas, the dynamometer should spit out significantly more than 1000 PS and 1200 Nm torque after the tuning cure. The tuner has not yet announced what measures have been taken. Exact numbers and mileage are not yet revealed. The predecessor’s 372 km / h top speed should be cracked with it. The Hurricane RR comes across discreetly, apart from the foiling. In addition to a carbon hood, there are some carbon attachments and in-house alloy wheels.

There will be a combined version

Over 1000 hp in the M5 Hurricane RR!

If this picture appears in the rearview mirror, you should make room very quickly.

As with the predecessor, the Hurricane 2 will again have a combi version. This is much more difficult since BMW no longer offers touring from the current M5. Infinitas takes axles, brakes and the complete drive train from the M5 F90 for the conversion and transplants everything into a 5-series touring. The costs are correspondingly heavy, nothing goes below 100,000 euros. Donor and base vehicles are not included in this price. Infinitas does not yet reveal what the limousine will cost. Incidentally, the minds behind the new Hurricane RR are still the same as those of the predecessor, which operated under the brand name G-Power. Due to a trademark dispute, Infinitas no longer uses the old company name, Inifnitas has nothing to do with the current tuner G-Power.


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