Over 40 percent more Fairtrade products sold in 2019

For example, sales of Fairtrade-labeled coffee (formerly Max Havelaar) increased by 15 percent last year. This was 31 percent for cocoa products and 47 percent for bananas. More than a quarter of the bananas sold in Belgium now have the Fairtrade label.

According to the NGO, consumers are increasingly looking for ethical products, and the supply from industry and store shelves is also increasing. Think, for example, of Fairtrade flowers, drinks, clothing and beauty products.

Fairtrade sales in Belgium also generated premiums of 3.6 million euros last year. That is extra money that the producer gets on top of the sales price. “Producer organizations invest this money in projects of their choice. The premium therefore has a direct positive impact on the living conditions of producers,” it says.

The corona crisis can give the sale of fair trade products an extra boost. For example, according to research agency Nielsen, sales of fair and local products increased during the lockdown. And in a survey by Fairtrade Belgium among 1,000 Belgians, almost half (45 percent) indicated that they wanted to pay more attention to sustainable food after the lockdown than before the crisis.


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