Overwintering robot lawn mowers properly: Tips from Gardena

Prepare your robot lawn mower for the winter with the checklist from garden specialist Gardena. The tips can also be transferred to robotic lawnmowers from other manufacturers.

The end of the gardening season is slowly approaching. If you own a smart robotic lawn mower, you shouldn’t just put it in the basement, but follow a few tips from Gardena. Although Gardena’s advice is initially based on their own models, they can be slightly adapted but also transferred to lawnmower robots from other manufacturers.

Overwintering checklist

This is how you should check the capacity of the robot lawn mower’s battery. If the determined capacity has fallen below the lower limit (see information in the operating instructions), you should consider replacing it. After that, fully charge the battery for the winter.

The charging station can remain in its usual place outdoors. You can also clean them and store them around the house. In this case, however, you must pack the cable ends that are left in the garden in a protective manner.

Clean the blade disc on the robotic lawnmower and replace the blades if necessary. Check the charging plates for corrosion and remove any rust. You can use this opportunity to clean the entire robotic lawnmower. If necessary, you can remove the housing and the rear wheel.

If the manufacturer of the robotic lawnmower has released a firmware update, you can now install it.

As soon as all work on the robot is done, store it in a dry and frost-free place.

Gardena provides detailed checklists for its various robot lawn mowers here for free download. There you will also find the offer for a fee-based inspection service.

In general, according to Gardena, all Smart System products (irrigation and lawn care) should be brought to a frost-free place and stored before the first freezing temperatures. The batteries should be removed. Incidentally, the app alerts the owner to imminent frost and then prompts the owner to bring the products to a frost-free location. The schedules can also be put into “hibernation” in the app, ie the schedules are paused and saved and can be activated again for the next gardening season.

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