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Own brands at Aldi, Lidl & Co .: These manufacturers are behind it

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If you want to buy cheap groceries, you usually have to worry about having to forego quality. And even for those who don’t buy from Aldi or Lidl, supermarket chains such as Kaufland and Rewe often offer cheaper own brands such as “Ja!” Or “K-Classic” in addition to branded products. Here, too, one often wonders whether the lower price also means a loss in quality and taste.

The good news: the worries are completely free. Because there is actually often more under the lid of a cheap product than meets the eye: Many brand manufacturers such as Müller Milch, Hochland, Zott and Leibniz not only supply supermarkets with their own products, but also leave their goods in the cheap packaging – or fill in no-name brands.

Our gallery shows a selection of the hidden branded foods and how they were labeled in the cheaper version.

Cheap on the outside, expensive on the inside: These are the brands behind cheap products

This article was published by in November 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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