P! Nk releases ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’: song with 9-year-old daughter Willow

P! Nk is a proud mom. And the singer has made that clear again. She has the number Cover Me In Sunshine released into the world, in which she sings with her nine-year-old daughter Willow Sage Hart.

P! Nk is at home in many markets. But for her latest issue Cover Me In Sunshine she returns to her roots. And you can take that quite literally. Because she made the song together with her daughter Willow.

Cover Me In Sunshine

“I hope this puts a smile on your faces,” P! Nk wrote on Instagram. And if the song itself fails to do that, then you are guaranteed to be happy when you watch the video clip of Cover Me In Sunshine looks.

That video consists of all kinds of films that P! Nk made together with Willow. Mother and daughter are having fun, and love is bursting.

Son in a metal band

In the announcement of the song, the 41-year-old singer also told about her son. Four-year-old Jameson sings… “different”. “I suspect he will end up in a metal band”, she reveals.


P! Nk already shared that special way of singing via TikTok. There she shared videos of her children Cover Me In Sunshine to sing.


Jameson: “This one is trouble


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