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Packs and bills McDonald’s Travis Scott menu for sale on eBay for extortionate prices

Travis Scott has arguably the most special collaboration of the year to his name. He worked together with McDonald’s. The fast food chain now has a Travis Scott menu, which is extremely popular, but not just because it is tasty.

Recently you can buy the Travis Scott menu at McDonald’s in the United States. That menu consists of the rapper’s fixed order at the fast food chain. For the menu, which consists of fries, a burger and a Sprite, you pay 6 dollars (about 5 euros), but the packages, posters and invoices for the order are sold for much higher prices on eBay.

$ 3,000 for $ 6 menu


The Travis Scott menu is clearly sought after by fans of the rapper. On eBay, people sell their bills, empty packages, or even entire menus (including food). And the real fans have a lot of money for that.

Travis Scott McDonald's eBay

Prices range from a few hundred dollars for a bill to thousands of dollars for the full menu. The posters of the Travis Scott menu are also in demand. They are even stolen from McDonald’s stores and then auctioned on eBay. But those posters can earn you more than 10,000 dollars (8,440 euros).

Travis Scott menu

The coveted Travis Scott menu is only available in the United States. For 6 dollars (just over 5 euros) you get one quarter pounder burger with cheese, bacon and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite. That is apparently the rapper’s regular order.

It is a limited edition, while you can simply take the order without it being called “the Travis Scott menu”. It’s not the first time McDonald’s has teamed up with a celebrity. In the 90s there was already a collaboration with basketball player Michael Jordan.


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