Paid sabbatical and right of inaccessibility for Aegon employees

During the corona crisis, the insurer recognized the importance of the work-life balance of its employees.

CEO Maarten Edixhoven of Aegon Nederland states in a press release that he wants to ensure that employees can also work flexibly in the future and that the personnel regulations must be ‘in order’.

Inaccessible outside working hours

Aegon concluded a new collective labor agreement with the unions this week and it contains a few striking new conditions. In order to improve the work-life balance of employees, they are, among other things, entitled to unreachability outside working hours.

Edixhoven: “During the corona crisis we saw that our employees themselves know best what a good balance is for them. But we have also seen that at home has become more the workplace. That is why we now offer our people the right to be unreachable. when you are free. “

Unlimited vacation days

The company is also starting a trial with unlimited leave. From next year there will no longer be a fixed number of vacation days. The employees determine in consultation with their supervisor how much leave they need.

Paid during a sabbatical

In addition, they may take a partially paid sabbatical every seven years. They receive 70 percent of their wages the first month and half the second month. Moreover, their pension accrual continues for 100 percent. After that, they have the option to stay away unpaid for another four months.

The collective labor agreement will run until 1 July 2022. It is not final yet: the members of the trade unions have yet to vote on it.

Unlimited leave increasingly often

There is increasing attention for a better work-life balance in collective labor agreements, the employers’ organization AWVN noted in an analysis of 2019.

Like Aegon, more employers are offering unlimited vacation days as a fringe benefit. An example is tech company Bynder, where employees have been able to successfully take unlimited vacation days for three years now.

Since last year, unlimited leave has also been included in the collective labor agreement of ING. And at Philips, employees have been on so-called ‘welfare leave’ since 2019. This is a paid consecutive period of leave of up to five weeks that every Philips employee can take every five years.


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