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Pam: “Do all dates have to sleep through curfew now?”

Carola and Pam go full on for the date tox, but Julie holds back. She turns out to have a secret candy around the corner. Her friends are very proud.

As far as I am concerned, the obligation to work from home can still be introduced today. We still have to come to the office three times a week from that old gray, but I hate it with my face mask over my jackets. And, admittedly, I especially hate seeing Jeppe’s handsome head so much more.

I broke up – if it ever really was on – by character, but I do miss him. Or maybe especially the hope that hung around our fling. With every date that is really fun, I like to dream a few steps ahead. Apparently not Jeppe, because he barely greets me and on his Instagram he even tagged one Anna during his walk this weekend.

UpDate is based on true stories. The real names of Pam, Carola and Julie are known to the editors.

Today I am early in the office, but my thoughts are not really there. There is a painter working in my house, my projects are running smoothly and actually I just don’t have much to do. I can of course prepare my invoice in advance. Good mood booster always is.

“Enough gemehhhhh Pam!”, texts Carola and she sends me a load of hearts. And she is right.

New round, new opportunities. While waiting for the press conference, which is crazy to watch it at the office, we are already texting about what may await us.

Tinder finished

“Should all dates stay over because of curfew?” I joke.

“I think sleepovers are the only remedy for loneliness. We’ve all failed date-tox, haven’t we?” Julie says.

“Guilty,” admits Carola. “I’m trying Facebook Dating as a new fishing pond now.”

“And? Is it what?” I ask.

“Quite well, I think. Even though Tinder angles the best. But yes, I’ve finished that. Really saw Barry pass by for the sixth time with his white blouse.”

“I had one yesterday who still lives with his mother,” says Julie. “Then if you stay on date one because of curfew, you have one right away meet the parents at breakfast.”

I sit at my desk grinning. It is a good thing that my colleague Marjolein is not here today.

“After that home resident I am quite tired of app. But then again, I do not have to aim my arrows at a hit in the wild for the time being. So I just go fishing for Hinge”, I write. “That is also a new app. And I have ordered three books, which also helps against the lonely grind. I want a love like Connie Palmen and Ischa Meijer. Big and compelling.”

“I want a love like 90’s R&B and it doesn’t have to be otherwise”, Carola agrees.

“I have received two new poetry books, which also helps”, says Julie enthusiastically.

“You are not allowed to say anything, because you have Max for the minimum need”, I shout. “Or shall I also look for a fwb?”

“I’ll be looking for a new vibrator,” Carola chuckles. “And I’m also fishing for the sleepovers today.”

“For a good date, I want to risk a fine of 95 euros”, I type.

“Amen!” Writes Julie.

“AMEN”, also follows Carola.

Curfew says Mark Rutte a little later, who himself is also coronamoe. And one visitor at a time. Understandable, but a pity. Maybe I should just move in with Carola and the kids, then Julie can just come and visit. Or I would soon be fishing a man with a dog for an outing in the evening. All good plans, but for now I’m just sitting here in the office with too many women, an elderly boss and an ex.

I don’t belong to anyone, oh no

I don’t need to be loved by you (by you)

Miley Cyrus sings in my ears. And she is right.

After years of dating (one of which even turned into a marriage), Pam, Julie and Carola are suddenly single again. Not ideal, but secretly also a wonderful adventure for the over-30s who once had a house-tree-creature and are now trying their freedom together. Between city trips, dancing nights and dinner evenings together, they learn about life, love and each other.

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