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Pam: ‘Men are given a second chance far too often’

Julie is hosted by Bas and Pam and Carola provide much needed unconditional love on the terrace in the city. Meanwhile, Carola decides to work on Pam’s car mechanic and Pam is looking forward to a romantic birthday with Thijs.

Pam: Dating is great fun and adventurous, but nothing beats an evening with friends. We can be in the gloria all night from a man, but we might as well cycle home with a hangover. There was no click, no kissing or murmuring for hours about his model trains. Dating is like a slot machine. You can pull whatever you want on that arm, but you never know if you will hit the jackpot.

Speaking of which, how would Carola have had it with “my” Rudi from the garage?

“And? How was it?” I ask in a creaky morning voice.

“How was what?”

“You date, of course, with Rudi.”

“Oh boy, I canceled that. He asked twice if it was possible half an hour later and then I no longer felt like it. I don’t need such a man who can fix cars, but not his agenda. You go soon. ”

How wonderfully refreshing how sober Carola can look at her dates. Like it or not and nice and adventurous. Julie and I can completely lose ourselves in dissecting apps and choosing outfits, and too often put a comma where a point should actually have been. Men who just don’t have enough to offer us, in terms of time, wonder or exclusivity, surprisingly often get a second chance. Or a third. Or a fourth.

Take Thijs, for example. I love him, we call at least an hour every day and late afternoon he takes me out for my birthday. However, if I am really honest with myself, I think we see each other far too little. His schedule is overflowing with directorial jobs, so I always have to wait and see when he has a hole for me. That’s upsetting me. We’ve known each other for several months, and pretty well too, but we’re not about to invite him to the party with my friends and family. And so tonight I drive to the Loosdrechtse plassen for a pre-birthday drink.

“Head out and just enjoy,” Carola tells me. And she is right. A few hours later I drive in a brand new little black dress and charming peep toes to a jetty near Kortenhoef. Thijs has hired a chic sloop especially for the occasion and is gallantly helping me on board. He is so handsome with his dark blue shirt and rolled up sleeves. And sexy, as he makes the boat ready for sailing. His smile radiates and my face as a result.

We sail and chat and kiss and sail and chat and kiss even more. In the middle of the lake he throws the sloop anchored and conjures two champagne glasses, a large bottle of bubbles and snacks from his bag. Bluetooth box and old soul in the evening sun. Obviously, this man knows exactly how to direct a romantic setting.

I quickly take a picture of this scene and share it in the group app. With a heart.
“Who are you sending hearts to?” Thijs asks.
“My girls,” I say, “with a picture of all this fine.”
“So that’s how you do it? As long as you don’t put me on it. I don’t like photos. ”
“Oh no? What do you like? ” I tease.
“Yours in a boat with good champagne,” he laughs.

By dusk, he takes off his shirt and pants and dives into the water in his boxer shorts.

“Come on doll,” he challenges me. “The water is wonderful, feel it.” He takes my hand and pushes it against his stomach underwater.

Whether it is the champagne or the perfect evening I don’t know, but suddenly I see myself taking off my dress and with a graceful dip I join Thijs in the thong and bra in the lake. He kisses me and pulls my legs around his waist. I feel that he is very happy that I am there.

It is not long before we are back in the boat. His birthday present apparently comes in kind. He fiddles with my wet bra at the touch of a finger and kisses me wherever he can. A starry sky above me, a fantastic man on me and a wonderful year of life ahead. What an adventure.


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