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“Pancake cereal (mini pancakes as breakfast cereal)

There is a new term: quarantine food. It stands for the dishes (we cannot always call them recipes…) that originated in the Corona era, often sprouting from the range of our own pantry. Or the cravings that come to us now that we are often at home. Dalgona coffee was already an example of such a trend and we now have one more: pancake cereal.

Pancake cereal is the latest trend among us quarantine goers. In any case, this food trend has gone viral on the social media apps TikTok and Instagram.

What is pancake cereal?

All you need to make pancake cereal is pancake batter, something from a squeeze bottle (but a plastic bag or a plastic bottle with a hole in it too) and time to kill. Check!

With the squeeze bottle you then make small dots of the batter in a hot, greased pan, with which you basically make mini pancakes. You can find what you want, but at least it seems a lot of people bring joy (or at least some form of occupational therapy) to corona time.

This photo shows a pancake cereal.

Pancakes with or without milk

And then? Pour them into a bowl, add your favorite pancake toppings such as syrup, a knob of butter and chocolate chips and spoon. Of course you can also mix peanut butter into your batter. Or banana. Also popular among food bloggers: mix breakfast cereal into the batter of your pancake cereal. How meta!

You can eat your pancake cereal with or without milk. In any case, we think it is best with cold milk. And then when your bowl is empty, absorb the milk that has absorbed all (sweet) flavors of the ingredients.

Want to make pancake cereal yourself? Check the video at the top of this article!

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What are we eating today? “Pancake cereal (mini pancakes as breakfast cereal)


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