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Due to virtually no income and the delay of the Voucher Fund, the travel organization is said to be unable to survive and forced to file for bankruptcy. The employees were informed about this on Tuesday.

D-Reizen has over 1150 employees, 285 travel agencies and a customer contact center. The franchise companies operating under the VakantieXperts brand name are excluded from bankruptcy. The possibilities of a restart of D-trips are currently being examined.

“Hopefully there will be a restart so that the company can continue, at least in part, and that employment can be maintained,” says CEO Jan Henne De Dijn. He and his business partner took over the company in December from the German travel group RT / Raiffeisen Touristik Group. “We see so much potential in D-rt that, especially with the arrival of the voucher bank, we are taking this step with great confidence,” Henne De Dijn said at the time.

Voucher fight

Travel organizations TUI and D trips would face each other on Tuesday in the courtroom in Haarlem because of money from travelers. Tour operator TUI wanted D-travel to transfer customer deposits for travel canceled due to corona. These customers can go to TUI for a voucher. D-Reizen refused to give the money to TUI.

D-Reizen has issued vouchers for that money and says that they will also be covered by the voucher fund, but TUI doubted that. It is not yet known whether the preliminary relief proceedings will go ahead. That decision is up to TUI.

In summary proceedings between D-Reizen and the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR), the judge already indicated that it is unlikely that the travel agent would be able to appeal to the voucher fund in such cases. D-Reizen does not organize trips itself, but acts as a mediator and would therefore hardly qualify for it.

The travel agency chain stated in summary proceedings at the end of March that it could go bankrupt if all the vouchers had to be paid back without support from the voucher fund.

Supermarket trips

The history of D-trips goes back to 1965. Supermarket chain Dirk van den Broek then organized 10-day bus trips to Lake Garda. Holidaymakers paid 199 guilders, of which 100 guilders had been saved with receipts from the supermarket.

In 1967 Dirk’s travel organization was founded with the first shop, on the Amsterdam Bilderdijkstraat. From 1982 these became the D-Reizen Holiday Shops. The chain grew partly through acquisitions to more than 500 travel agencies.

In 2014 Dirk van den Broek divested D-trips to the German Raiffeisen Touristik Kooperation (RTK). The Dutch DRT Group was formed together with VakantieXperts and the Thomas Cook Travel Shops. Initially, BCD and Van den Broek were also still in this.

In 2020 director Henne De Dijn bought back the Dutch branch from the Germans, together with a partner. There were now about three hundred travel shops with over a thousand employees. Turnover in 2019 was about half a billion. The corona crisis left less than € 50 million of this last year.

In the podcast ‘Kwestie van Centen’, SME leader Jacco Vonhof foresees major problems for the recovery of the economy:

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