Parent company of Blokker and Intertoys sells Big Bazar

That is what the retail group Mirage Retail, which includes Big Bazar, announced today. The bargain chain employs 1,750 people, according to the company.

Unknown buyer

The buyer of Big Bazar is the unknown trading company BB Retail, owned by the Frisian entrepreneur Heerke Kooistra. According to Mirage, that company nevertheless has a lot of expertise in the field of purchasing and discount, and the retail chain is therefore better off with the new owner.

“Under the banner of Kooistra, we can take the next steps with Big Bazar”, says director Hans Danhof of Big Bazar in a press release. According to him, the takeover offers the retail chain ‘access to new partnerships and purchasing channels that help to further develop the formula’s distinctive character’.

The 49-year-old Kooistra himself is also enthusiastic about the takeover towards RTL Z. “We are in the buying-up of lots. We buy everything that is left over elsewhere, and that is in the way. But we also want to get into retail. And Mirage Retail has completely refreshed Big Bazar over the past three years, but the companies adapt don’t go together anymore. That’s why this is a fantastic opportunity that comes along. It’s a match made in heaven.”

According to Kooistra, he can offer Big Bazar the competitive purchasing that the retail chain needs. “For example, I recently bought a leftover batch of dog leashes at a cost of 2.80 euros for one euro. They were in the store for an amount between 6 and 9 euros. We sell them for 2.50 euros. The customer is happy, and we have a great margin. I am really looking forward to the synergy between our purchasing and the Big Bazar stores. We are going to amaze the market.”

Didn’t keep up with time

Mirage Retail itself says that Big Bazar no longer suits her because the bargain chain with only physical stores has not kept up with the times. Mirage mainly wants to focus on ‘store formulas that make use of the combination of online, click&collect and in-store shopping’.

Mirage Retail owner Michiel Witteveen says that the sale of Big Bazar will allow him to better focus on the rest of the company. Mirage Retail has previously announced that it wants to go public next year.

Reply to Action

Big Bazar was set up in 2007 by Blokker Holding, when the then retail giant was still owned by the Blokker family. Big Bazar was supposed to be the family business’s answer to the popular bargain chain Action, but never became a comparable success.

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