Partially defective PS5 APUs surfaced in mining rigs

The AMD APUs that were discarded during the production of the Playstation 5 should live on in mining rigs.

Errors occur time and again in chip production. These are often within the tolerances, for example a certain number of defective GPU cores can still be tolerated. It is even planned during production. However, if the defects exceed a certain threshold, the chip is rejected. In the case of the AMD APUs installed in the Playstation 5, however, these should not be thrown away, but used in an unusual place in a mining rig.

Mining instead of gaming


according to report
Partially defective PS5 APUs are said to have been installed in Asrock’s BC-250 mining ring. The costs for this amount to 13,499 euros. A total of twelve cards can be installed in this mining rig, which in turn should house the partially defective PS5 APUs. The entire rig is said to achieve a mining performance of 610 MH/s. So there are about 50 MH/s per card, which yields about 2 US dollars per day depending on the course. If you ignore the power consumption, the rig would only pay off financially after about 500 days.

No PS5 sacrificed

Even if there are still not enough PS5 consoles available on the market, no working consoles are lost in this way. The chips would not be suitable for use in the regular console due to their defects. Instead, they work in mining rigs for several years and also help AMD to maximize its own profits for the partially defective APUs. Players who have not yet been able to get hold of a PS5 should still be annoyed by this fact.

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