Passwordless log-in to the Google account

Google has made it possible to log into Google services without a password since August 2019. That’s how it’s done.

How to set up passwordless login: Open on your PC and select “Security -› Sign in to Google – ›Sign in via smartphone”. In the next step, a small animation explains how you will log in to your Google account in the future. Clicking on “Next” brings you to the selection of your smartphone, which should serve as a password replacement. You may need to provide an account recovery phone number. After selecting your smartphone and telephone number, try logging in with your email address and mobile phone. If that worked, the selection of “Activate” makes the new procedure effective.

If you have not yet linked a smartphone to the relevant Google account, a wizard in the Google account will explain how to add the account to your Android smartphone. You can do this via the smartphone’s Settings app and there via “Accounts -› Add account – ›Google”. If you are using an iPhone (version 5S or higher), you must download the Google app from the Apple App Store and log in to it.

Attention please:

Despite the new, passwordless login method, you must not forget your password. If you don’t have your smartphone at hand, log-in with a password will of course still work. And it still has to be a complicated password so a hacker can’t guess it.


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