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Pathé: limited opening better than nothing, but not profitable Entertainment

“Of course it is better than nothing, but it is absolutely not profitable,” says Pathé director Jacques Hoendervangers On BuzzE.

The cabinet recently announced that cinemas may open again from 1 June, provided that there are no more than thirty people in a room. And that has significant consequences for turnover. “It is far from impossible with thirty people. But even with 100 people we still incur losses, ”says Hoendervangers.

The largest cinema operator in the Netherlands has drawn up a protocol that includes a number of guidelines. Everyone has to buy a ticket online in advance and an employee points to the seats. There must be at least three empty seats between families or duos and sitting behind each other is not allowed. Fewer films are shown per day to better regulate the influx.


According to Hoendervangers, as a result of the protocol, only one tenth of all salable places will be occupied. Normally, 200 shows, with an average of 200 seats each, run six shows a day. “That means that previously there were 240,000 places available per day. In the new situation, there are only 24,000. ”

Because many film recordings are still, it will continue to improvise in terms of programming in the coming months. “We’re coming up with some new movies, but we’re also revamping old stuff,” he says, referring to blockbusters such as Spider-man: Far From Home and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 4DX. Visitors will also soon be able to look at classics such as Grease and Bohemian Rapsody.Yet there is also a bright spot. The sale of tickets started on Wednesday and that looks good according to Hoendervangers. “35 halls have already been sold out. It was a bit exciting, but it seems that the audience is not afraid to come to the cinema. ”


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