Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy) on last scene in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and why he doesn’t rule out a new return

Patrick Dempsey’s return as McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy is done. Although Dr. Derek Shepherd has been deceased for some time, he was seen several times in the most recent season in the dream of his sick lover Meredith Gray. In their last scene together, the two got married on the beach, an emotional moment to film according to Patrick Dempsey.

In an interview with Variety, Patrick Dempsey reflects on his temporary return Grey’s Anatomy. Fans had to say goodbye to the popular doctor McDreamy as early as the eleventh season after a fatal car accident. The most recent season, the seventeenth already, is really about lead actress Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) who fights against Covid-19. This creates feverish dreams in which old acquaintances make an appearance.

The most striking dreams, of course, are those with her former lover Derek Shepherd. That way, Patrick Dempsey was able to make his appearance several times last season. The last scene together was on the beach where he married Meredith Gray.


“I thought it was a great way to close it. The intention was to really give people some hope, because they are such an iconic couple. We have lost so many people this year, the thought of angels floating around us to take care of us is a good message to send out in such a bleak world we live in, ”the actor reminisces. “It was a great ending to this story. I am so grateful for doing it and glad the fans really enjoyed it. ”

Yet the return for Patrick Dempsey to the program in which he appeared for years and that made him world famous was very emotional, especially after the last scene. “We all cried at first and hugged each other. It was really up to us to get the message across to wear a mask, to take care of yourself. Ellen and I were like, ‘What can we do together to have any impact here?’ That was around this time in the spring last year. It was just positive action that led to more positive action, ”he explains.

Final end?

The question on all fans’ lips is whether this really was McDreamy’s definitive ending. “Never say never with this show. I am glad we did it this year. And Krista Vernoff has done a fantastic job telling the story, ”he leaves the door ajar.


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