Pause Elden Ring – possible with this trick

Elden Ring is quite a hard game that cannot be paused. At least so far – because now a trick has been discovered.

Many players are currently biting their teeth on Elden Ring, the latest hit from From Software (available here at a reasonable price in the PC-WELT price comparison for PC, Xbox and Playstation). The game is fascinatingly complex, but at the same time difficult at times. So we’re talking about really, really difficult. If you are looking for an opportunity in the game to recover from the stress of the last opponents, you will be disappointed by the developers. Compared to Dark Souls games, Elden Ring has many convenience features, such as a map or fast travel feature, but still no pause feature – until now!

There is one in Elden Ring now

hidden pause function

has been discovered, which allows the game to be paused and gives the player the opportunity to take a deep breath without having to hide in a lonely corner. And all this without a mod and on every platform that Elden Ring is available for.

How to Pause Elden Ring

Twitch user Iron Pineapple discovered the hidden pause function and also published an instructional video. The principle: The player must first display the inventory, call up the help function here and then activate the menu explanations. The gameplay is then completely stopped in the background, unlike in all other in-game menus, as the following video also proves:

The pause function is probably not intended by the developers and should be removed with one of the next updates for Elden Ring. In the heat of a fight, the pause function shouldn’t help much either, because by the time you’ve activated it, it’s usually too late. On all other occasions, however, you can enjoy the pause function until From Software takes this method of relaxation away from you.

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