Pay after filling up via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

Top up with petrol or diesel, hang up the fuel nozzle and get in. No, fuel is not being stolen here, but refueling is easy and convenient. Because of course you still have to pay (saving tips for filling up) – but not in the often overcrowded petrol station shop, but in your own car.
The free Pace Drive tank app from the payment specialists from Karlsruhe-based Pace Telematics will be integrated into the infotainment system of countless vehicles in autumn 2022 via the popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. Not only can you drive to the cheapest gas station first, but you can also pay conveniently and cashlessly afterwards via the display in the cockpit.

Clever refueling


Fuel price check to the minute

This is how the gas price is at gas stations in the area!

In co-operation with

Since the end of 2021, owners of an Android Smartwatch or Apple Watch have had the option of getting back in and driving with Pace Drive immediately after the splash. Here, too, there is no need to queue in the sales room, swipe the card and type in the PIN. This is not only convenient, but also saves time.

This is how convenient payment works

And this is how the Pace Drive app works via the Connected Fueling platform: It starts with the free download from the App Store and Playstore. Once the application is saved on the smartphone, you can get started. If you approach a gas station, you will receive a message on the app as to whether the station in question participates in the service. Now you simply select your pump, confirm the payment and you’re good to go. The invoice will be sent later by email.

Also works with smartphones

Even if you don’t use a smart phone or Apple Watch, you can use your smartphone to make cashless and time-saving payments directly at the pump. The app also allows payment via Paypal. A good 3,000 filling stations in nine countries are currently participating in Connected Fueling. In Germany there are around 1,500, which corresponds to a market share of just over ten percent with a network of around 14,500 stations (Click here for other clever tank apps).

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