Payment app Tikkie has grown rapidly in 2020 despite corona

Tikkie is normally mainly used for social activities, but the Dutch have also found other interpretations this year. “For example, the night out has turned into enjoying a delivery meal together at home and we saw an increase in requests for groceries,” said Moreno Kensmil, head of marketing for the app.

The Dutch even used Tikkie to split corona costs. In the descriptions of payment requests, for example, the word face caps. And it helped that many catering businesses quickly switched to pick-up or delivery. “Then it is easy to let your guests pay via Tikkie”, says Kensmil.

With the free app, individuals and businesses can send payment requests via WhatsApp and other services, text messages and QR codes. At the peak of this year, 193 Tikkies were paid per minute, 43 per minute more than the peak in 2019.

Most Tikkies paid within hours

ABN AMRO saw in the statistics that about two thirds of the Tikkies were paid within an hour, and 38 percent within 5 minutes.

Tikkie was founded in 2016 and now has more than 6 million users. All in all, they have already tapped about 7.8 billion euros in all those years.


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