Payment of 600 euros for flex workers who lost a job due to the corona crisis

Sources in The Hague confirm this to RTL Nieuws after reports from the NOS. Several options have been considered to accommodate flex workers, but this was the only measure that is feasible. The House of Representatives has yet to rule on it.

A fixed amount has been chosen because it makes the scheme feasible, insiders say. And it will not do justice to everyone, it can be heard. “It doesn’t deserve a beauty award.”

In order to qualify for the scheme, flex workers must have had an income at the beginning of the year. Nor should they be eligible for other schemes such as WW, insiders say to RTL.

Almost no savings

Rabobank research has shown that a third of flex workers between 20 and 45 years old have almost no savings. They have saved less than 2500 euros, less than Nibud advises.

Now that they have lost their jobs due to the corona crisis, they are in danger of getting into trouble. Some of the flexworkers can simply receive WW benefit, but there is also a group between shore and ship. They have not built up unemployment rights. Tens of thousands of people are said to be involved.

The Netherlands has more than 3 million flex workers, half of whom are in the 20 to 45 age group. Employees without permanent contracts are hit hard. Half of the 275,000 temporary workers in the Netherlands have no or almost no work due to the corona crisis, research shows that Maurice de Hond was commissioned by the union CNV.

Busy at UWV

It is unclear whether the UWV has time to implement the measure. The UWV already has a lot of work, partly due to rising unemployment. It is also responsible for the implementation of the NOW, an arrangement that allows employers to be reimbursed up to 90 percent of their wages.

The allowance for flex workers is paid, among other things, at the request of the PvdA. He is happy with the plan, but not satisfied. “Thousands of flex workers have been struggling to pay for groceries and rent for weeks. It is good that a safety net will be set up at the request of PvdA. But 600 euros is not enough. Flex workers always take the hardest blows, and should receive at least the same amount as self-employed workers, “says MP Gijs van Dijk.


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