PayPal account restricted: Mail lures users into a trap

Paypal users are once again informed in emails about a restriction of their Paypal account. That’s behind it.

The consumer advice center NRW warns that emails that appear to come from Paypal are currently landing in electronic mailboxes. It informs users that their Paypal account has been temporarily restricted due to “suspicious activity”. Of course, the e-mail does not come from Paypal, but from online fraudsters who want to use the phishing attack to get hold of the users’ private information.

Phishing email contains security tips

The recipients of the phishing email are greeted with the words “Your PayPal account is temporarily restricted”. And further:

“We have detected suspicious activity from credit cards linked to your Paypal account. You are required to verify your identity to confirm that you own the credit card. To ensure account security, please provide documents proving your identity confirm.”

A button with the link text “Check now” follows.

In order to reassure the recipients, the fraudsters apparently even included a few security tips in the text of the phishing email before saying goodbye to the reader “best regards”. These include, for example, “Never share your password with anyone” or “Create hard-to-guess passwords and do not use personal information.”

How to protect yourself from such attacks

The recommendation for this and similar emails is: delete the email and never click on a link. In this article, we explain how you can protect yourself from this and similar phishing attacks: Recognize attempts at fraud via email, link or file – this is how you protect yourself.

Reading tip: These fees are due when using Paypal

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