Paypal: Supposedly no more payouts possible – nasty trick

PayPal customers are currently receiving emails saying that access to the PayPal account is restricted. That’s behind it.

PayPal customers have not been the focus of cyber gangsters in recent weeks. But that has now changed again, as consumer advocates warn. According to this, non-personalized phishing emails have been circulating for a few days claiming that certain functions of the PayPal account have been blocked, namely sending payments and payouts. Since the recipient allegedly “dubiously used” his Paypal account.

The customer can use a blue button labeled “Login” to log into his PayPal account directly from the email and make his account functional again. It almost goes without saying that the link behind this button does not lead to the real PayPal page, but instead to a fraudulent site where the PayPal user’s login data is supposed to be stolen.

How to react correctly

Register for Paypal – but also for online banking, for example – only via the correct link stored in your browser. Save the correct address as a bookmark or favorite in the browser. However, you should always delete such emails immediately and do not click on anything in them!

Here is an overview of the phishing emails that have been circulating recently:

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