PC Game Pass: Eight more games announced for August

Microsoft is offering eight additional games for free this month to Game Pass subscribers on PC.

The Game Pass for PC players, like the counterpart for the Xbox consoles, will be expanded to include new free games every month, while other games will disappear from the library, which can be used free of charge with a subscription. Microsoft had already announced part of the offer for PC players for August, now the free games for the second half of the month will follow.

talking and beating

Since yesterday, the Talking Simulator “Coffee Talk” has been available as a free download as part of the Game Pass for the PC. In the game, coffee has to be made while stories from guests are on the program. The residents of alternative Seattle have a lot to tell. The look of the game, on the other hand, is very minimalistic. From August 23rd, the indie action game “Midnight Fight Express” can also be played for free. As a former member of a criminal organization, the player must ensure order here with hands and weapons.

Hackers and space adventurers

On August 25, two games will appear in the Game Pass for PC: The simulation “Exapunks” sends the player to the year 1997 and lets him solve tricky puzzles there as a hacker. The indie adventure “Opus: Echo of Starsongs” is presented in a visually appealing way and sends the player on a journey through the galaxy.

Strategy, interactive film and demigods

August 30th, on the other hand, has four new additions to the Game Pass for PC: “Commandos 3 HD Remaster” is a new edition of a strategy game that sends the player into World War II. “Immortality” is an indie game in which real actors tell a story in which the player can intervene at certain points. A highlight in August is certainly “Immortals Fenyx Rising” by Ubisoft. As the semi-divine Fenyx, the player runs and flies over a game world inspired by Greek mythology. August is rounded off by the action-adventure “TinyKin”, in which a little boy has to explore a huge world.

PC Game Pass: The other free games in August

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