PC Game Pass: The new additions in April 2022

In April, subscribers to Game Pass for PC can once again look forward to several new additions covering different genres.

If you choose the Game Pass for PC (try it here for 1 euro), you get unlimited access to over 100 games for Windows for a monthly payment of just under 10 euros a month. The games from EA Play are also included. New releases from the studios belonging to Microsoft become part of the release of the Game Pass at no additional cost.

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Chinatown Detective Agency

In April 2022, subscribers can again expect several new additions. For example, Game Pass for PC will be updated tomorrow with the new release Chinatown Detective Agency. This is an adventure in which a policewoman tries to be a detective after leaving the service. The player chooses a customer and tries to solve his case. The futuristic setting in the year 2037 brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. The journey leads to many countries of a dystopian future.

Life is Strange: True Colors

From April 12th, the Game Pass for PC will also be expanded to include the adventure “Life is Strange: True Colors”. In the 2021 title from Dontnod Entertainment, the player takes on the role of Alex Chen in the small town of Haven Springs. When the brother of the female protagonist dies in an accident shortly thereafter, the search for the true cause of death quickly comes to the fore.

Lost in random

Two days later, on April 14, action-adventure Lost in Random is expanding Game Pass on PC. In a dark fantasy world, the girl Even, together with her sister Odd, must free a country from a greedy queen. Battles are fought in the game using dice and a deck of cards.

Also interesting is the tactical role-playing game “The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk” and the turn-based strategy game “Panzer Corps 2”. Both titles will expand PC Game Pass starting April 12th.

Try Game Pass PC for 1 euro

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