PC Game Pass: The new free games for August

Microsoft is again topping up its Game Pass for the PC with worthwhile free games in August.

With the subscription service Game Pass for PC, computer gamers can access several new games every month, which can then be installed and played at no additional cost. Several new titles will be added in August, which are definitely worthwhile.

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Varsity Builder

From August 9, for example, the development strategy game “Two Point Campus” can be downloaded directly with the release at no additional cost. The makers of “Two Point Hospital” deliver a game in which a complete campus including the university, individual faculties, lecture halls and gymnasiums has to be built and maintained. Genre fans should definitely take a look.

cartel fighters

However, the tactical shooter “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” can already be downloaded. Released in 2017, this Ubisoft title sends the player into a detailed and open world. In Bolivia, players alone or with friends must confront a drug cartel. There are many entertaining firefights and huge explosions on the program.

More new arrivals

Since August 4th, the two titles “Shenzhen I/O” and “Turbo Golf Racing” have also been available for download as part of the Game Pass for PC. The former title is an unusual game in which circuits for new chips have to be devised. “Turbo Golf Racing” on the other hand is an arcade racer in the style of “Rocket League”.

departures in August

From August 11th, the three games “Cooking Simulator”, “Expeditions: Rome” and “Offworld Trading Company” can be downloaded. On August 15, the five games “Boyfriend Dungeon”, “Curse of the Dead Gods”, “Library of Ruina”, “Starmancer” and “Train Sim World 2” will disappear from Microsoft’s gaming subscription for the PC.

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