PC-WELT 10/2022 now at the kiosk: Windows security check 2023

In the current issue of PC-WELT you can read how to make your PC and network unassailable. On the DVD you will find the 50 best programs for virus protection, data recovery and encryption. Plus, with the Plus edition, you get 11 full versions for €260 for free! Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

Windows continuously sends data to Microsoft, for example to diagnose system and device functions. Other data can improve usability, but often contain personal information. in the post

More data protection for Windows users

read how to stop excessive data collection.

The security settings on the PC for your data and your system are not done once and for all, but have to be checked and readjusted again and again. In the guide

The big security check

we will show you where and how to start and which tools are available. You will find the tools ready for use on the DVD booklet.

Security is the big issue in IT. With the ones in the article

50 powerful tools for your protection

The programs presented protect your computer from unauthorized access, manage and generate secure passwords and secure your valuable data against loss. You will find almost all the tools ready for use on the booklet DVD.

You can find that and much more in the new PC-WELT 10/2022. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

A selection of the topics in the new PC-WELT 10/2022:

  • More data protection for Windows users.

    Shield your own files: Your Windows will no longer reveal anything to Microsoft

  • The big security check.

    Fend off hacker attacks: make your PC and network unassailable

  • 50 powerful PC tools for your protection.

    The tool collection on DVD

  • Professional tricks for the context menu.

    Customize and extend functions: This is how you do everything with one click

  • This makes your WiFi fast.

    More speed with the best frequency: How to get the most out of 5 GHz

  • Better than Explorer.

    Everything about the popular file manager Total Commander

  • Connect all devices in the network.

    Whether Windows PC, Linux notebook or smartphone: These devices can be used in the home network without any problems

  • Exchange files More beautiful photos with a click.

    This is how you work with the Photomizer 3 Premium from Engelmann

  • Buy sustainable notebooks.

    These models are particularly easy to repair

  • Immediate help antivirus software.

    The right solutions to intervene in case of problems

  • Doubly safe in the password chaos.

    How to secure your accounts with two-factor authentication

  • Android 13: This is what the new OS brings.

    Google introduces the next version of its mobile operating system with the new functions

  • The best apps for hiking & cycling.

    With the right app, you can’t get lost in the middle of nowhere

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

    The innovations of the Linux system

You will find these programs on the booklet DVD:

  • Abelssoft Youtube Song Downloader 2022.

    Download audio track from Youtube

  • Ascomp PDF Conversa.

    Convert PDF to Word

  • Ashampoo Winoptimizer 18.

    Optimize PC

  • Engelmann Photomizer 3 Premium.

    Edit and beautify images

  • Market + Technology Celtic Writings (for subscribers).

    font pack

  • NCH ​​Software Videopad Master’s Edition.

    cut video files

You can only read that in the plus part of the new PC-WELT 10/2022 – Brilliant Excel tips

  • Find the right chart type for your data

  • Draw attention to important data

  • Make an impression with 3D charts

  • Optimize Excel charts by formatting

  • Tips for meaningful Excel charts

PC WORLD 10/2022

is available in three variants:

  • as a plus edition with an extra booklet and an additional double DVD for 7.99 euros

  • as a DVD edition for 5.99 euros and

  • as a pure magazine without a data carrier for EUR 3.99

You can also order the plus edition directly from the PC-WELT shop – as a printed edition or as an e-paper for EUR 3.99.

Here you will find the annual subscription variants PC-WELT Plus and PC-WELT Plus Digital.

And here you come to the flat rate subscription PC-WELT Plus Digital.

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