PC-WELT 5/2022 now at the kiosk: Windows Turbo tricks

In the new PC-WORLD you can read, among other things, how to automatically install, update and remove programs under Windows. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

Installing applications on Windows is often tedious, especially if you have to set up several programs for a new installation. In the guide

Turbo tricks for Windows

read how the installation of Microsoft tools and third-party programs can be automated as far as possible.

The Federal Office for Security (BSI) has warned against the anti-virus software Kaspersky. But standard Windows tools protect your PC just as well as a paid program. in the post

How to switch to Windows Defender

Find out what you need to consider when switching to Defender.

Office, club, school, university, online documents or uploading receipts to insurance companies, health insurance companies etc.: The PDF format has long been part of our everyday life. In the article

All PDF documents under control with PDF24

we will tell you how the tool package from PDF24 helps you to organize it perfectly in a very simple way.

You can find that and much more in the new PC-WELT 5/2022. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

A selection of the topics in the new PC-WELT 5/2022:

  • Windows Turbo Tricks.

    Install, update, remove all programs automatically

  • Switch to Windows Defender.

    Get rid of expensive protection software: These tips make Windows Defender better than Kaspersky & Co.

  • Mega update for your Fritzbox.

    The new functions of Fritz-OS 7.50: VPN now very simple, Fritz-Fon speaks, better mesh.


  • Super Pest Emotet.

    The new variant of the pest is spreading again – this is how you protect yourself

  • The big SSD check.

    Tips & tools for every flash drive: increase speed, extend service life and much more

  • WSL2: Linux on Windows.

    In this way, applications and tools for Linux can be used very easily on Windows

  • Emergency printer.

    The most important problems and solutions for printers and multifunction devices

  • All PDF documents under control with PDF24.

    With PDF24 you can solve many problems in the office or at home amazingly easily

  • Easily convert everything.

    PC, tablet, smartphone: convert videos & photos for all devices

  • Your backup from the cloud.

    Recover your data from the cloud before it is lost

  • More rights for consumers.

    Internet & Handy: The new telecommunications law does a lot for the consumer, but also has some gaps

  • Customize your mouse and touchpad.

    The right settings make daily work on the PC much easier

  • App permissions checked.

    What to look out for when releasing

  • The best fitness apps.

    The best home workout apps at a glance

You will find these programs on the booklet DVD:

  • Digiarty Win X HD Video Converter Deluxe .

    Edit and convert videos

  • Ascomp Secure PDF Professional Edition.

    Secure PDFs

  • Ashampoo Burn Studio 2022.

    Burn data to DVD

  • Audials TV Recorder 2022 Special Edition.

    Watch and record TV programs

  • Soft expansion Perfect PDF 10 Premium.

    Create and edit PDFs

  • Markt + Technik budget book 2021 (full subscription version).

    Finances and more under control

You can only read that in the plus part of the new PC-WELT 5/2022 – Windows 11

  • Windows 11 places high demands on the PC

  • Check PC compatibility for Windows 11

  • Clean up Windows 10 before upgrading

  • Upgrade to Windows 11 via Windows Update

  • Upgrade using the Microsoft Update Assistant

PC WORLD 5/2022

is available in three variants:

  • as a plus edition with an extra booklet and an additional double DVD for 7.99 euros

  • as a DVD edition for 5.99 euros and

  • as a pure magazine without a data carrier for EUR 3.99

You can also order the plus edition directly from the PC-WELT shop – as a printed edition or as an e-paper for EUR 2.90.

Here you will find the annual subscription variants PC-WELT Plus and PC-WELT Plus Digital.

And here you come to the flat rate subscription PC-WELT Plus Digital.

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