PC-WELT 7/2022 now at the kiosk: Windows emergency package XXL

With the new PC-WELT we provide you with the ultimate emergency package for PC problems. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

The PC-WELT rescue system:

If Windows no longer wants to start on your PC, you can use a live system to search for errors and save your data. The new PC-WELT rescue system is the best help against all PC problems – and is immediately ready for use on a DVD!

Do-it-yourself emergency windows:

A well-packed tool kit always comes in handy when dealing with Windows problems. Our kit for your individual second system contains all the important tools – for successful Windows repairs as well as for data recovery.

The best tool classics for Windows:

Proven, practical, good – these properties characterize our software selection for the DVD issue. Even if some tools are getting old, there is no reason to switch to more modern or new programs.

You can find that and much more in the new PC-WELT 7/2022. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

A selection of the topics in the new PC-WELT 7/2022:

  • The PC WORLD rescue system.

    If Windows no longer wants to start, you can save your data with this live system

  • Do-it-yourself emergency windows.

    So you get a free second system for the stick

  • The best classic tools – also for Windows 11.

    Proven, practical, good – these properties characterize our software selection for the DVD issue

  • Top tools for WLAN and home network.

    Speed ​​& Security: Solve tricky home network problems

  • The most dangerous malware.

    Trojans, worms, viruses: How to protect yourself against newly detected malware variants

  • New TAN procedure for online banking.

    This is how the new TAN procedures work – and this is how you avoid account theft

  • The big CPU guide.

    What makes CPUs different and which model is best for your purpose

  • Immediate help SSDs.

    Quick fixes for the most common SSD problems

  • Clean PC with Adwcleaner.

    With the Adwcleaner on DVD you can remove adware and other undesirables

  • Fast help on the PC via remote maintenance.

    You can get help quickly via online connection if you have PC problems

  • TV totally free!

    You can access a wide range of content free of charge in the media libraries of the television stations

  • Continue using old routers.

    Discarded routers can often be reused for other purposes

  • Android now and in the future.

    The new operating systems from Google bring many advantages

  • Everything about podcasts.

    So you can easily find the interesting audio programs

You will find these programs on the booklet DVD:

  • Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.

    Edit and convert videos

  • Alf Banco Home Banking easy 8.

    home banking software

  • Ascomp PDF Imager 2.0.

    Convert PDFs to images

  • Ashampoo Home Design 7.

    build a house

  • Markt + Technik driving license trainer 2022 (subscription full version).

    Training program for driving license with registration,

  • Stegano’s Safe 22.

    encrypt data

  • Tipard Total Media Converter.

    Convert DVDs and other videos

You can only read that in the plus part of the new PC-WELT 7/2022 – Windows 11 rescue & repair

  • With this, Windows 11 will repair itself

  • Fix driver issues in Windows 11

  • Windows 11 cleans itself up

  • Windows 11 does not come into the home network

  • Configure monitor(s) for the best picture

PC WORLD 7/2022

is available in three variants:

  • as a plus edition with an extra booklet and an additional double DVD for 7.99 euros

  • as a DVD edition for 5.99 euros and

  • as a pure magazine without a data carrier for EUR 3.99

You can also order the plus edition directly from the PC-WELT shop – as a printed edition or as an e-paper for EUR 2.90.

Here you will find the annual subscription variants PC-WELT Plus and PC-WELT Plus Digital.

And here you come to the flat rate subscription PC-WELT Plus Digital.

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