PC-WELT 8/2022 now on newsstands: Your best Windows

Windows can be significantly improved with good ideas from other operating systems. This gives your system more functions than Microsoft allows. In addition, with the new PC-WELT you will receive 9 full versions worth €300. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

Your best Windows ever:

Windows is good and gets better with every upgrade? This is only partly true, as the comparison with other operating systems shows. With the right tools, however, you can get much closer to the desire for the best Windows of all time.

Windows Explorer perfect:

Somehow you get along with the Windows Explorer, but more poorly than right. We’ll show you how to retrofit missing functions, significantly increase ease of use and drill the Microsoft file manager into your super explorer.

Optimal use of Avira Free Security:

Avira’s free virus scanner is a classic when it comes to data and virus protection. Here you can find out what the program (on DVD) has to offer and how you can best use its functions.

You can find that and much more in the new PC-WELT 8/2022. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

A selection of the topics in the new PC-WELT 8/2022:

  • Your best Windows ever.

    This gives your system more functions than Microsoft allows

  • Windows 11 Fall Update:

    New features now. With the pre-release versions you can already try out future functions

  • The Windows Super Explorer.

    Better operation, extended functions: New tips & tools for the Windows file manager

  • Protection against blackmailers and data thieves.

    12 programs in the test: Only these tools delete all ransomware viruses

  • One PC – multiple users.

    How to easily set up new user accounts in Windows

  • Backup in no time.

    With EaseUs Todo Backup Home 12, you can easily backup your data

  • WLAN check via command line.

    With the right command for the command line, you can quickly solve WLAN problems without a mouse click

  • Never forget a password again.

    The Steganos Password Manager manages your passwords securely and conveniently – on DVD

  • Immediate help Bluetooth.

    If there is a problem with the wireless connection, these tips can help

  • The best internal NVMe SSDs.

    A new internal NVMe SSD is always a gain – in capacity and ideally even in speed

  • Avira Free Security.

    The free virus scanner from Avira is a classic in terms of data and virus protection – on DVD

  • Program NFC tags yourself.

    Many types of information and automatic processes can be stored on NFC tags

  • Better photos thanks to AI.

    Artificial intelligence accelerates image processing enormously

  • NAS in the home network.

    This is how you conveniently set up your file server

You will find these programs on the booklet DVD:

  • Ascomp Text-R 2.0 (for subscribers).

    Text recognition for PDFs and images

  • Ashampoo Music Studio 2022.

    Manage and edit music

  • DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI.

    Beautify images with AI

  • Easeus Todo Backup Home 12.

    create backups

  • Steganos Password Manager 22.

    Keep passwords safe

  • Tipard Music Converter.

    convert music and more

You can only read that in the plus part of the new PC-WELT 8/2022 – Windows 11 immediate help

  • Import updates for Windows 11 and software

  • Put Windows 11 to the test in a stress test

  • Carry out a firmware check for your hardware

  • Find problems with the Event Viewer Checker

  • Malware check for a virus-free Windows PC

PC WORLD 8/2022

is available in three variants:

  • as a plus edition with an extra booklet and an additional double DVD for 7.99 euros

  • as a DVD edition for 5.99 euros and

  • as a pure magazine without a data carrier for EUR 3.99

You can also order the plus edition directly from the PC-WELT shop – as a printed edition or as an e-paper for EUR 2.90.

Here you will find the annual subscription variants PC-WELT Plus and PC-WELT Plus Digital.

And here you come to the flat rate subscription PC-WELT Plus Digital.

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