PC-WELT 9/2022 now at the kiosk: Windows Mega Stick

Optimizing, protecting, rescuing the system… With up to 50 tools and a second system on the USB stick, you are prepared for all situations. You will also receive a free special with the current issue! Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

Every consumer now has the right to an Internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of ten MBit/s. It’s not fast, but it’s a start, and in a year it should be 15 Mbit/s. In the article

Your entitlement to the minimum bandwidth

Let’s summarize what this means in practice.

Older computers suddenly running, safe and updated again, and all for free? In the guide

Chrome OS Flex: Legacy

PCs like new again

find out how you can use antiquarian hardware for surfing, Office and other things with the new operating system from Google. Chrome OS Flex proves to be extremely convenient.

Surfing properly outdoors at last! With WiFi range to the terrace or under the apple tree, summer 2022 will be even more beautiful. in the post

WiFi in the garden

read how your radio network can also be used in the garden.

You can find that and much more in the new PC-WELT 9/2022. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

A selection of the topics in the new PC-WELT 9/2022:

  • Windows Mega Stick.

    1 stick for everything: 50 tools to optimize, protect, rescue…

  • New system for old PCs.

    With Chrome OS Flex, old hardware boots quickly and is suitable for surfing, for the office and other things

  • 5 tips for safe surfing.

    With these settings, you can reduce the risks

  • Internet rip off.

    The nasty tricks of the online scammers on Whatsapp, Ebay & Co.

  • Immediate help WiFi.

    Eliminate stress quickly with routers and repeaters

  • WLAN standards.

    The better WiFi devices with different standards work together, the higher the speed

  • Continue working via the cloud on any device.

    PC, iPhone or Android: You have access to all data and files from anywhere

  • The best memory.

    With these media, you can archive your files securely over the long term

  • Hardware check for the PC.

    Free tool for professional system information, analysis and diagnosis – on DVD

  • All about monitor refresh rates.

    This is behind the different refresh rates

  • Fake pictures and videos.

    Manipulated data can be quickly identified as such

  • Free streaming with Clementine.

    This is how free streaming works

  • WiFi in the garden.

    This allows you to easily expand your existing WLAN

  • Fritzbox via command line.

    With these tools, the Fritzbox control works correctly

  • 10 years Raspberry Pi.

    Since 2012, the Mini-PC has established what used to be a niche device class in the mass market

  • 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS.

    This is how the transition works

You will find these programs on the booklet DVD:

  • NCH ​​Software Wavepad Master’s Edition.

    Edit music files

  • Engelmann Online TV 17.

    TV, radio and live streams

  • Ascomp F rename.

    rename files

  • DVDFab DVD Copy.

    Copy and burn DVDs

  • Markt + Technik Sweet Home 3D apartment planner.

    Design interiors

  • Market + Technology Windows 10 – easy entry for seniors (for subscribers).

    Windows 10 functions simply explained

  • NCH ​​Software Wavepad Master’s Edition.

    Edit music files

You can only read that in the plus part of the new PC-WELT 9/2022 – Linux instead of Windows

  • Linux instead of Windows 11: migration strategies

  • Linux for changers

  • Desktops: Linux vs Windows 11

  • Functional and pretty desktops

  • Relocation of data and software

PC WORLD 9/2022

is available in three variants:

  • as a plus edition with an extra booklet and an additional double DVD for 7.99 euros

  • as a DVD edition for 5.99 euros and

  • as a pure magazine without a data carrier for EUR 3.99

You can also order the plus edition directly from the PC-WELT shop – as a printed edition or as an e-paper for EUR 2.90.

Here you will find the annual subscription variants PC-WELT Plus and PC-WELT Plus Digital.

And here you come to the flat-rate subscription PC-WELT Plus Digital.

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