PC-WELT Bundesliga Betting Office 2022/2023 for download

As every year at the start of the new football season, we offer our readers a betting shop and a Bundesliga manager in the form of an Excel application.

Good traditions should be cherished and nurtured as long as possible: Accordingly, we are also offering you the popular game for the 60th season

PC WORLD Bundesliga betting office

on. The new season of the highest German soccer league starts on Friday evening (5 August 2022) with the game Eintracht Frankfurt vs. FC Bayern Munich.

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Our PC-WELT Bundesliga betting office based on Excel is designed for soccer bets in the 1st Bundesliga 2022/2023 in a private environment. Regardless of the theoretical upper limit of around 6500 players, we carried out our tests with significantly smaller amounts of data.

PC WORLD Bundesliga betting office (BL bet) 2022/2023

All data of the football encounters come from You would have to enter any changes and deviations manually. Catch-up games after game cancellations due to weather can simply be added to the originally planned game day as soon as they have been completed.

How to use the PC WORLD Bundesliga bet 2022/2023

The PC-WELT Bundesliga betting office 2021/2022

The PC-WELT Bundesliga bet 2021/2022 corresponds – apart from the changed game dates and game pairings – to the predecessors of the last few years. The most important and fundamental piece of advice is: limit yourself as a bookmaker to carefully entering the real game results in the right place. There is nothing more to do and this ensures a successful process.

The special thing about this application is that it already runs with Excel 97. It should therefore be possible for practically everyone to use it. Bets on individual match days, a complete season bet and mixed forms are possible. Automatic import of bets, calculation of Bundesliga table and betting score, advance bets or optional factor points – you decide how you want to bet.

PC WORLD Bundesliga betting office (BL bet) 2022/202 3rd

Tip: In the download you will receive the file


also detailed instructions on how to use the PC-WELT Bundesliga betting office.

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